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Rested Tail is a blog that focuses on the importance of your dog’s sleep and comfort. We believe that a well-rested dog is a happy dog, and we want to help you create an environment where your furry friend can relax and get the most out of life.
We focus on dog beds reviews, dog furniture, dog crates and carriers, dog gates, ramps, and training and behavior aids to keep your canine safe and comfortable.
Also, because we love Shih Tzus so much, we created a new Shih Tzu page where we talk about everything for this lovable breed.

We hope you enjoy our posts!

Hello, meet my beautiful Shih Tzu, Thunder!

Thunder with toy
Thunder new bed

My little Shih Tzu, Thunder, is ten years old. His mental abilities were starting to deteriorate, and he was getting forgetful as to where his bed was!

My search for a solution led me on an exciting journey of new daily routines, tender loving care, and a variety of dog beds.

Now Thunder sleeps in his cozy doggie bed with no issues whatsoever.

You deserve the chance to enjoy what my quest has given me; finding that perfect sleep solution through my suggested dog training program, other resources like dog beds reviews, dog accessories reviews, and FAQs about sleeping habits. All just as mine did, so you can help your pup get their best rest ever too!

For all the Shih Tzu parents, check out my new Shih Tzu page here.

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“After one week of following rested tail’s articles on dog sleep routine and best dog beds for golden retrievers, we saw a huge difference in our new dog Dakoda.

Christopher C.
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Dog brain training allowed me to connect with my dog, and to really get her to understand me when I’m trying to keep her safe. Thanks to the sleep training program I found here on, things seem easier.

Marian J.

Dog Behaviour Out of Control?

Brain Training For Dogs is the #1 solution for a non-violent approach to training your dog so they may stay safe and obedient when you need them. Sleeping behaviors are strongly tied in with the routine, and personality type of your canine companion!

We can help ensure healthy sleeping habits without any more insomnia episodes or disrupted rest periods throughout the day.

Provide your four-legged friend with easy daily exercises that have been proven successful time after time across all dog breeds and their different personalities.