7 Toughest Dog Collars: Chew-Proof, Heavy-duty, And Indestructible

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If you’re the proud owner of a furry friend who likes to chew on everything in sight, you know how frustrating it can be to go through multiple dog collars. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll be introducing you to the 7 toughest dog collars on the market that are chew-proof, heavy-duty, and indestructible. Whether you have a strong and active pup or a heavy chewer, these collars will keep your dog safe and secure.

When choosing the toughest dog collars, we considered a number of factors. Durability was at the top of our list, as we wanted to ensure that these collars could withstand even the most persistent chewers. We also looked for collars that were made from heavy-duty materials, such as leather or nylon webbing, that are known for their strength and durability. Additionally, we considered the design of the collar and looked for features such as double-stitching and rust-proof hardware that add to the overall strength and longevity of the collar.

We also pay attention to the reviews from the customers who have used it and its reputation in the market. Lastly, we took into account the price and value for money, to ensure that these collars are not only tough but also affordable for dog owners.

So, let’s dive in and take a look at the top 7 toughest dog collars that will stand up to even the most determined chewers.

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Toughest Dog Collars

How do you stop your dog from chewing its collar? 

One of the biggest struggles for dog owners is dealing with their pet’s chewing habits. Chewing can be especially problematic when it comes to a dog’s collar, as it can quickly become damaged or destroyed. How do you stop your dog from chewing his collar?

The answer can vary depending on the type of dog breed and its temperament, but the following tips may help.

First, make sure that the collar is comfortable and not too tight or restrictive. 

If possible, opt for a collar made from materials that won’t easily fray or tear. You can also try providing your pup with chew toys as an alternative to chewing on their collar. Consider using a bitter-tasting spray or wrap to discourage chewing on collars and other items in the house.

Finally, reinforce good behavior with positive reinforcement and reward your pup when they avoid chewing their collar. With patience and consistency, you should be able to reduce or even stop your dog from damaging its collar through excessive chewing.

Can dogs chew through a leather collar?

Dogs can chew through a leather collar, depending on how it is made. Chew-proof dog collars are designed to be more durable and last longer than traditional collars. However, they are not indestructible.

A leather collar is usually more susceptible to tearing or breaking if a dog chews on it for too long, so investing in an indestructible collar may be the best choice for an owner with a pup that loves to chew.

Indestructible collars come in materials such as nylon webbing, which is much more difficult for your pup to tear into than the material used in a typical leather dog collar.

Investing in an indestructible one may be your best option if you have a pup who loves to chew and destroy its collars.

What Causes Chewing behavior?

Chewing behavior in dogs is a common problem and can be quite destructive to furniture, clothing, and other belongings. The cause of this behavior can vary from dog to dog, but some common causes include teething, boredom, anxiety, or an attempt to relieve pain due to tooth problems.

Chewing behavior is often seen in puppies who are teething and it’s important to provide them with chew toys during this time. For older dogs, providing plenty of exercises can reduce the likelihood of them engaging in chewing behavior.

If your dog’s chewing becomes destructive or out of control, you need to invest in a chew-proof dog collar or try training techniques such as positive reinforcement or obedience classes. Chew-proof collars are designed specifically to protect against chewing damage and they come in several sizes and styles so that they fit comfortably while also being effective in preventing damage.

What are the best materials for a dog collar?

  1. Nylon: It’s solid and resistant. It does not get damaged or make the dog uncomfortable when pulled.
  2. Leather: It is resistant, attractive, durable, and very difficult to deteriorate. It has buckles for more safety. Ideal for most dogs but mainly for large dogs.
  3. Metal: Dog trainers use this material, brass, and nickel-plated steel, for training large and strong breeds. They are resistant but can be dangerous for daily use.
  4. Spiked Collar: Despite its intimidating appearance, many trainers consider it adequate for training hard-to-handle dogs that have to pull on a leash. Use them with caution and supervision. Originally they protected dogs from wolves.
  5. Choke Collar: Only used for dog training. Corrections are made with a quick pull, causing the collar to close on the neck. According to PETA; People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals, choke collars can cause whiplash,  spinal cord injuries, and other injuries.

The Top 7 Toughest Dog Collars on the Market


Tella And Stella dog collar

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No dog parent wants a leash that slips when their pup decides to take off, right?
Tella & Stella Crazy Lamas Nylon Dog Leash Collar Set is a fantastic set of collars and leashes made from durable nylon fabric. Your pet will be safe and happy.

The collar is thick yet soft for comfort with an extra-wide metal chain. It has a super-strong swiveling clip carabiner for safety and security should the four-point heavy-duty buckle break. You can further secure it around your pet’s neck thanks to its adjustable length tab which fits small and medium dogs, where you can attach their tags or ID bracelets.

Choose from the 10+ unique designs so your dog can walk in style.

The only drawback is that it is not suitable for large breeds. 


  • Stylish: Walk your dog in style.
  • Safe and secure: Four-point locking system.
  • D ring: For accessories.
  • Collar and leash set.


Black Rhino collar set

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You know your dog has the lifestyle of a celebrity and deserves every comfort it can get.

The Comfort Collar from Black Rhino is just what you need to keep them looking top-notch with its blacked-out design and neoprene padding that will absorb anything thrown their way.

It’s lightweight but rugged enough to make any stroll or run with your pup as easy as possible, thanks to its quality materials, reflective stitching, weatherproof finish, and a separate tab for an ID tag.
Plus, this modern-day collar comes in vibrant colors!

Who said style had to take a back seat?


  • Heavy-duty collar
  • Five-star rating
  • Weatherproof
  • Reflective stitching



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Are you looking for a durable and well-made dog collar? Look no further! The Elite Spanker Tactical Dog Collar is heavy-duty and has strong metal buckles and tough stitching to outlast even the most demanding situations.
It also features an easy grab handle on one side that you can use when walking your pet while featuring side control handles (great for managing pets).

This military dog collar comes in three sizes: 

  • M: 13.5″ – 17.5″
  • L: 17″ – 20.5″
  • XL: 20″ – 24″

They’ve got moral patching options like “In Training” or “Emotional Support,” if that is your thing, or you can add your pup’s name with the magic sticker panel on the inside of the collar.

Walk your dog like a boss, and don’t skimp out on safety. This easy-to-clean dog collar is excellent for walks and security on the roads, with a handle to grab your dog while exploring what nature has to offer!
This heavy-duty dog collar is perfect for outdoor and indoor activities. You can always have control of your pup with the ELITE SPANKER Tactical Dog Collar!
It is one of the toughest dog collars out there.

The Excellent Elite Spanker has quality checks throughout its product lines to provide repairs or replacements if necessary within 90 days of ownership.



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Tuff Pupper dog collar is a chew-proof and tear-proof collar with thick ballistic nylon. Tuff Pupper’s unbreakable dog collars offer security through this durable design as it has 3M high tensile strength reflective seams for locating your pup in low-light areas without any problems. 

It also includes comfort, and breathability, which will help on hot summer days. It has an aluminum D ring and a side release buckle to quickly put the leash on or take off your pet. And lastly, integrated ID tags, so no more leaking tags or chips!

These heavy-duty dog collars are rigid and won’t break like other brands’ products. They’re strong enough to withstand even the most demanding chewing dogs!

The 60-day replacement guarantee is a plus, and it comes in 3 sizes that you can perfectly adapt to your dog.


Adityna Leather Collar

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ADITYNA hard dog collar is an indestructible dog collar ideal for a giant breed like an Australian Shepherd, Golden retriever, Bulldog, German shepherd, etc.

Thanks to the width of the collar. It is 1.5 inches, and its total length is 25 inches.

Handmade with the best 100% genuine leather, excellent for all dogs, especially those with sensitive skin.

It is comfortable, secure and has a double buckle, and two D rings, and comes in a deluxe gift package. 
This heavy-duty dog collar promises to be of excellent quality and ultra-resistant. It has passed the traction test of 181 kg.

Adityna dog collar has the best warranties in the market; a 2-year replacement guarantee!

The perfect gift for all dog lovers, this elegant collar comes in a bundle with premium packaging and the Dog Bow Tie made of genuine leather. It’s an excellent present that will make anyone happy to receive it!

Adityna makes the most indestructible dog collars on the market.

PET ARTIST Sturdy Genuine Leather Dog Collar

Pet Artist leather dog collar1

The PET ARTIST Sturdy Genuine Leather Dog Collar is the perfect choice for pet owners looking to keep their pup safe and stylish. This collar is made of high-quality, genuine leather, making it heavy-duty and strong enough to handle any adventure your four-legged friend takes you on. The genuine leather material also makes it soft and comfortable against your pup’s fur, ensuring maximum comfort when wearing the collar.

The unique rivet design gives this collar a touch of style that will make your dog stand out. The durable buckle means you can easily adjust the size to fit any sized pup, no matter how much they grow! Plus, with its fur fiction material, you won’t have to worry about tangles or uncomfortable pulling on their delicate fur. 

Whether you’re taking your pup for a walk around the block or off on an outdoor adventure, do it in style with the PET ARTIST Sturdy Genuine Leather Dog Collar! It’s tough, comfortable, looks great, and will stand up to heavy use – everything you need for a great experience with your furry companion.

HQSHNY Large Dog Collar – Black Heavy Duty Collar for Gaint Breeds

Large dog collar bulldog

HQSHNY Heavy Duty Collar for Giant dog breeds is the perfect accessory for all the activities you and your furry friend are up to!

From dog training, hiking, and jogging to hunting, camping, and running – this collar can handle it all. It’s made with comfortable and durable materials that will last through all of your adventures together.

It’s also trendy and comes in a variety of colors to choose from. But most importantly, it ensures safety with its heavy-duty construction that won’t break down even during the most intense activities.

Rather than thin collars, this wide collar offers a greater sense of security and durability. The extra material helps to evenly distribute pressure on the dog’s neck, helping to prevent Tracheal damage in the long run.

With HQSHNY’s tough and durable collar, you can take on any activity with your large breed without worrying about damaging or losing the collar. 

MORE SAFETY – In addition to being chic and trendy, wide large dog collars tend to be safer and stronger than their thin counterparts. The extra material distributes pressure against your dog’s throat more evenly, which can REDUCE TRACHEAL DAMAGE in the long run

Collar Features:

  • 2″ wide and 1/3″ thick tactical collar
  • Military nylon material
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Excellent tear strength

Frequently asked questions:

Things to Consider When Looking for an Indestructible Dog Collar

When looking for an indestructible dog collar, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, choose a collar that is strong and durable enough to withstand your dog’s chewing or tugging.

A good indestructible dog collar should have a metal buckle or clip that can’t be broken easily. Brands like Black Rhino and Tuff Pupper tactical collars are well known for their indestructible design.

Secondly, make sure the collar has the right fit for your dog so it won’t slip off during activities such as dog training or walks with a leash. 

Lastly, look for adjustable collars with adjustable buckles so you can adjust them to your dog’s size when needed. 

The suitable dog collar will ensure your pup’s safety while also giving you peace of mind.

Should dogs wear a collar all the time?

The collar is handy when walking your dog, but it should not necessarily wear at home, where it is easier to control.
It would be best to consider your dog’s needs first and foremost.
Dogs need collars to keep the tags on their neck or when walking on a leash. But they mustn’t wear them all day because of potentially harmful effects such as rubbing off hair or skin around the neck. However, this isn’t common for all dogs wearing these accessories. If your pup experiences discomfort from her collar, you might want to stop using it.

They don’t have to have it on at night when sleeping. It can become uncomfortable with excessive touching of sensitive areas like under its chin.


In the UK, when your pup is out in public, it should be wearing a collar with your contact information inscribed or attached. This applies even if your pet has been microchipped. However, some working dogs are exempt from this rule. Blue Cross.

In the United States, various states forbid dogs from “roaming” or wandering freely. Many states practice this indirectly by permitting local governments to pass laws that stop dogs from running at large (Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia, and Wyoming all have such regulations). Other states directly ban roaming at large. Wisconsin law stipulates that a dog discovered roaming freely can be taken away. Animal Law Center.

In Canada, a city inspector could confiscate and detain any dog or cat spotted wandering freely. Any pooch or cat that does not have a collar with an identification tag and is not under the supervision of a responsible individual when away from its owner’s property. Humane Canada.

Final thoughts on the best indestructible dog collars

When it comes to finding the toughest dog collars available on the market, make sure to weigh in the different features of each product. Consider factors like strength and durability, adjustability, comfort, and overall effectiveness against chewing.

With careful selection, you can find a collar that is indestructible by your pup’s powerful jaws and will suit your furry companion’s needs best.

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