Best Dog Crate Covers 2021: Top Reviews And Buying Guide.

Metal dog crate with cover

More and more pet owners choose to use dog crate covers, which are very beneficial for their furry friends.
These covers allow them to make the common dog crate more comfortable and warm. They offer extra help to those dogs with stress or anxiety problems, dogs that are easily distracted, dogs with sleep problems, etc.
In this article, you will learn more about dog crate covers, their benefits, and how to make a custom one at home.

Are Crate Covers Good For Dogs?

They certainly are! The cover protects the dog’s crate and provides your dog privacy, security, and comfort.

Dogs are den animals; they are comfortable in dark, closed, and secluded spaces.

Crate covers are also perfect for puppies, hyperactive dogs, or dogs that find it a little harder to relax and sleep
Also, if your dog has undergone an operation, a crate cover can be instrumental; it serves as a resting place and helps the dog feel safe while it is recovering.

Since it blocks distractions, it’s also an indicator that it is night and time to sleep.

When to skip covers?

Covering a dog’s crate can help take the edge off anxiety and allow your dog to calm down.

For some dogs, though, this may not be the solution, which may lead to more problems. Your dog might show aggressiveness and starts pulling the cover and chewing on it. If that happens, you need to ease up on the idea.

Just like crate training, you have to introduce the cover to your dog slowly. Teach your dog to associate the cover with calm and comfort. Use positive rewards training like her favorite treat or lots of praises.

If all else fails and the cover still gives your dog a source of stress, and she can’t get used to it, I recommend consulting with a professional trainer. He or she will be able to find out why your dog has a fear of a covered crate and will teach your dog to get rid of that fear.

Benefits of Dog Crate Covers.

  • Relieving anxious pups. Dogs who suffer from any anxiety will benefit from a covered crate.
  • Becalm hyper dogs. When there is no visual stimulant, your dog will have to settle down and take a nap.
  • Travel with ease. When you take your dog on a trip, covering the crate will reduce any potentially upsetting views for your dog, which in turn will help him stay calm during the outing.
  • Provides cozy temperature. An insulated dog crate cover will help shield your pup from wind or chilly weather. On the other hand, a light cover will protect your pup from the sun in the summer.

Best Dog Crate Covers:

Insulated Dog Crate Cover

ArcticShield Insulated Kennel Cover

ArcticShield Insulated dog crate Cover

ArcticShield cover is insulated with heat-retention technology to protect your kennel from wind, rain, and snow.

It comes with 2 handles on top for easy handling. The cover can be tightened with straps on both sides to minimize wind. Great for all outdoor activities with your dog, make for a good shelter.

It has a superb fit over a large kennel, with cinch down straps and elastic hem for easy on/off access, and is very comfortable in cold temperatures. This cover is well worth the expense for rides in the back of the truck on a hunting trip or ice fishing trip. Straps go around the bottom of the kennel to keep it tied securely and not slip off.

Very durable and of great quality. It will keep your furry friend nice and warm on those cold winter nights at the cottage.

Waterproof Dog Crate Cover

Yotache Dog Crate Cover

Yotache waterproof Dog Crate Cover

This lightweight dog crate cover is made from high-density 600D polyester. It’s durable and practical, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. It’s also waterproof and windproof.

The material is breathable so it won’t make the cage humid when it’s closed. The panels on both sides can be rolled up without affecting the door opening.

Mesh window screens can be stuck on the side panels to improve ventilation, stop mosquitos, and allow your dog a view of the surrounding.

Designer Dog Crate Cover

Molly Mutt Dog Crate Cover

molly mutt designer Dog Crate Cover

Match your house décor with this beautiful designer dog crate cover. And turn that boring, ugly wire crate into a beautiful highlighted piece of furniture in any room.

With over 20 different design patterns, you will surely find one that matches well with your furniture.

The panels on all sides can roll up individually, so you can position your crate the way you want. Snaps on all corners of every panel to keep them tightly fitted when rolled down.

Made from durable 100% cotton canvas that is machine washable.

Extra Large Dog Crate Cover

Explore Land Dog Crate Cover 

Explore Land extra large dog crate cover

Number one in dog kennel covers. Explore Land’s heavy-duty dog kennel cover is made of 600D polyester oxford. It will provide your pup with an ideal den-like environment. And it will block off the direct sun, and cold wind and provides good breathability. Your dog will feel secure and relaxed.

The zippers are thick and durable. They are exposed on both sides. When the zipper door is closed, the pet crate cover has a mesh window with roller shades to adjust visibility and ventilation.

If you have a breed that sheds a lot, dog hair will not stick to this cover at all. So cleaning it will be a breeze

Very impressive workmanship; durable and windproof.

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Dog Crate Cover DIY

Making a cover for a dog crate can be as simple as placing a sheet over the crate to block any distraction or visual stimulus.
But making a subtle crate cover that matches your furniture can make it more attractive. You will also be able to make it according to the exact size and dimensions you need, and it is straightforward.

Sewing machine.

Steps to follow to create a custom-made dog crate cover.

Step 1: The measurements of the fabric you use depend on the size of the dog crate. Measure the crate in its entirety; the height, width, and length of the kennel. Write down the measurements in a notebook. Add 2 inches to each measurement to have a margin of error when you put it all together.

Step 2: Get a piece of fabric big enough to cover the sides and the top of your dog’s crate.
Choose a resistant fabric that is appropriate for the climate of the home. You can choose a fabric that matches well with the decoration of your house and show a little of the personality of your dog.

Step 3: Cut rectangles of fabric based on your measurements. For example, if the kennel side is 12 inches high and 14 inches long, cut a rectangle 14 inches by 16 inches on each side. Cut the same way for the height and width.
Apply zigzag stitches to the sides of each piece of fabric to prevent fraying. Then pin the sides of the pieces and pass a 5/8 inch seam to join the sides to the top.

Step 4: Sew all the pieces of fabric, joining the sides with the top and bottom, but leave the sides of the front panel open so that you can insert it as a cover in the kennel, leaving the front part loose if you want to uncover the door.

Must-Have Features

It’s essential to know what you need the dog crate cover for. What purpose is it fulfilling? A good cover will have one or more of these features. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

Insulated: This is a must for an outdoor dog crate. Also, great for any winter outdoor activities like ice fishing. The cover is usually heavy-duty and thicker than regular covers.

Windproof: Another important feature to have if you use your crate outdoor. It will keep your pup protected from the wind.

Waterproof: Or at least water-resistant. You don’t want your furry friend to be sitting on a soaked dog bed.

Durability: The cover should be durable and tear-resistant. It has to be snuggly fit on the crate and chew-resistant. Your dog might not accept it early on and will try to chew on it or pull it off.

Washable: You can wipe clean most covers, but some fabrics are more receptive to dirt and stains, even dog hair. You will have to wash it regularly to keep it sanitary.

How To Safely Introduce The Crate Cover To Your Dog

The main this is that your dog has to have a positive association with the crate cover. You should introduce it in moderation. Start with covering the top, see how your dog reacts to it. Then cover one side and eventually the whole crate.

It’s best to start at night as your dog prefers a dark sleeping area.

Just like you did when you were crate-training your dog, use treats to entice your dog in the crate with the cover on.

In Closing

The crate is not a place to lock the dog up when it bothers you; it’s a place where the dog can rest and hide whenever it wants.
While not all dogs appreciate the solitude and space to lie down in a covered crate, it can help anxious or overexcited pets relax and rest. Choose a dog bed cover that best fits your needs, whether it’s for an outdoor crate or an ice-fishing trip. Pick a cover that fits well, is adjustable and is machine-washable.
We hope that this post has helped you solve the doubts you may have about dog crate covers and the right way to use them.

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