How To Choose The Right Dog Bed

how to choose the right dog bed
how to choose the right bed for your dog

Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes, so you must know how to choose the right dog bed. Some are simple; some are fancy, pricey, or DIY beds. There are many things to consider when buying a dog bed. How do you choose the right one? In this detailed dog bed guide, we tried to answer all the questions you might have when shopping for a dog bed.

Being comfortable in its own bed is imperative for your four-legged friend. Dogs spend half their days lying down or sleeping.
Aside from being a proper rest surface, the right dog bed gives your dog a feeling of comfort and security. So let’s see how to choose the right dog bed for your four-legged friend.

How To Choose The Right Dog Bed?

What Size Dog Bed?

X-Small1 to 10 lbsYorkies, Chihuahuas, Papillons
Small11 to 25 lbsShih Tzu, Dachshund, Poodles.
Medium26 to 40 lbsBeagles, Scottish Terriers
Large41 to 70 lbsBulldogs, Cocker Spaniels.
X-Large71 to 90Lab Retrievers, German Shepherds.
XX-Large91 to 110 lbsGreat Danes, Alaskan Malamutes.
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Remember to add 5 to 10 inches to the length of the bed to give your dog room to stretch. It’s always better to go one size up, especially for bolster dog beds.
Also, the weight of the dog plays a big role. Heavier set dogs require thicker mats with more cushioning.

How Old Is Your Dog?

More seasoned mutts will, in general, rest more and may require an increasingly solid bed that won’t fall apart easily. Also, an Orthopedic bed may be required for older dogs who are prone to joint pain. Furthermore, old mutts are unable to contain sometimes – and a bed with a waterproof base or covering might be vital. Generally speaking, older dogs prefer solid foam, while younger dogs prefer loose filling.

How Does Your Dog Sleep?

The way your dog sleeps affects your decision on the size of the bed. Although many pups sleep in different ways, you have to ensure they have enough space.

  • The stretcher: If your dog likes to stretch out, that means he needs more room. So it would be best if you sized up.
  • The curler: Dogs who like to curl up when sleeping need a round donut cuddler. Their raised edges create a sense of security.
  • The side sleeper or leaner: Tend to enjoy the safety of a bolster around them. A bolster bed would be your choice.

If you’re the lucky owner of a Dachshund, check out my blog on the Best Dog Beds For Dachshunds.

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What Size Is The Room?

It’s critical to qualify all accessible floor space in the room where you intend to keep the dog bed to decide the best possible size. Also, it’s better to put the bed away from the traffic area.

Another consideration is the look and the design of your furniture. A designer dog bed or luxury dog beds are very stylish. They will match well with your furniture.

Does Your Dog Sleep Outside?

If your pet ever does sleep outside, a snug, insulated bed or a raised dog bed is considered your best alternative. These models have raised legs that keep dogs off the hot soil in the summertime and off the cold or frozen soil in the winter. Not many dog beds without legs are intended for open-air use, though; they will fall apart and deteriorate due to the elements.

Does Your Dog Get Nervous?

Some dog beds, such as nesting and burrowing models, provide a safe space for anxious dogs scared under certain conditions, like loud noise or dark rooms.

To learn more about anxiety in dogs, read our other blog: Dog’s Anxiety: What you need to know.

Does The Bed Contain Authorized Foam?

To guarantee your four-legged friend isn’t presented with unsafe materials, you should purchase beds made with CertiPUR-US(R) ensured foam. This accreditation shows the material doesn’t contain unsafe substances like mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. This isn’t an issue for beds that don’t contain foam, yet customers should, in any case, check to ensure the bed is free from hurtful materials and substances.

How to choose the right dog bed conclusion

Just like us, our fidos need a good resting space. A good comfy bed makes a big difference in our tail-wagger life. Following these recommendations, we hope you choose the perfect bed for your dog.  Feel Free to comment below if we have missed anything.

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