The Best Dog Crates for RV Travel: Reviews and Helpful Tips.

Rving with a dog.

RVing is a great way to travel with your dog. However, not all dogs can be trusted in the camper for hours on end. Your dog will need a place to sleep while driving and occasionally during an overnight stay at a campground or hotel room. One of the best ways to provide your dog with comfort and safety while traveling is by investing in the best dog crates for RVs.

When you are traveling in your RV with your dog, there is a lot of equipment to consider; an adjustable seat harness, food and water bowls, toys, and a dog bed, to name a few. Also, a dog crate is an essential gear that will keep your pet safe and secure while traveling.
Dogs are not used to being confined for long periods. They may need some extra comfort while traveling in your RV.

Therefore, finding the best dog crate when traveling in your RV is essential. You want your pet to remain happy and comfortable during your travels together!

Choosing the right dog crates for RVs can be difficult.

This article will help you make an informed decision about which type of travel dog crate works best for you and your pet when hitting the road with your RV or truck camper rig!

What to consider when looking for RV Dog Crate?


Is your dog chewer? are you using the crate outdoor?

Dog crates come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find the one that suits your needs. Whether it’s large enough for two dogs or just big enough to hold one medium-sized pup comfortably.

The material will vary too. The hard plastic is rigid but durable, while fabric models offer more flexibility to fold and take less space. Fabrics also provide better visibility from the outside.

Some have wire mesh on three sides. While others only have reinforced metal grates along the bottom edge because they’re designed specifically for traveling.


Space is limited in an RV, so you need to consider where you will be placing the crate.

RV living challenges come from the lack of space, and it isn’t easy to find room for your dog’s accessories.

With the lack of floor space in RVs, those accessories have to be stored away.

With a dog crate, it becomes more challenging to find space for such an oversized item.

Collapsible dog crates are perfect for RV travel because you can collapse them down. They take up less space when not needed.


Do you want a foldable crate, or will the dog crate stay in the same spot?

Wire-framed or mesh-style cages allow dogs to see out and get fresh air while still being secure. These types of dog crates may not work as well in areas where your pet isn’t allowed (like at a campground).

If you’re only driving short distances, it might make sense to have them inside their kennel constantly.

Escape-proof type of crate is usually sturdy enough to keep your dog in and provides added security against escape attempts.

It’s also worth noting that some people choose to leave their pets loose during the day. They find it preferable to having them confined all day long in the crate.

Built-in dog crates, under the dinette bench, under your bed, or even under window seats are excellent storage ideas.

Not all dog crates come with a dog bed. Check out our Dog beds for crates blog for tips and ideas on choosing the right dog bed.

Dog in RV

What are the benefits of RVing with a dog?

-RVing with a dog is an excellent way to travel. There are many benefits of traveling in an RV that make it worth the extra expense and effort. If you have a dog, these reasons might seem even more convincing! Dogs love being outside, exploring new places, and meeting new people. You can enjoy spending time together every day rather than just when you’re home for holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving.

-Another benefit is that dogs will not be as exhausted from walking around so much during the trip. They get plenty of exercise while running around inside your camper too.

-There are many dangers to consider when traveling with a dog in an RV. One of the biggest is that your dog may get too bored and chew up everything inside the camper, including expensive items like laptops, cell phones, pillows, or even furniture! This can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage if not prevented. Purchasing the best dog crates for RVs will provide you with peace of mind while traveling, knowing that these destructive urges cannot be fulfilled by chewing on inappropriate objects.

-Investing in one or two good quality dog crates for RVs also means they’re always ready to go wherever you want because there’s no need to pack them separately from all other camping supplies.

-It’s essential to dog-proof your camper before allowing them in as well so they can’t chew up any loose wires, which could cause fires and smoke inhalation if not adequately protected!

How do you travel with a dog in an RV?

Dog crates are a necessity for traveling with your pup. They provide a measure of security for dogs during car trips and prevent them from taking off if they manage to escape inside the vehicle.

Dog-friendly Campground

Find a campground that is dog-friendly by looking for one that has a Doggie Day Care, Dog Park, or Dog Washing Station.

Thousands of RVers have dogs, and it’s common to see people walking their furry friends around campgrounds while on vacation.

Some areas where you can’t have pets at all, and others like some national parks require your pet to be on a leash outside of the RV.

Safety First

Please note that it may seem like a good idea to allow your dog to sit on your lap while driving, but you should not do this for many reasons. Primarily, remember that dogs are much safer when placed carefully in a crate!

When driving, it’s crucial to make sure your dog is safe. Dog crates serve as the safest way for your dog to travel in an RV.

Local Veterinarian

Another thing to consider is that there are vets in the area. If your dog needs more care than you can provide, they’ll need a local vet.

 Many things can happen on the road, and you have to prepare yourself if they do.

Daily Exercises

Schedule time for daily exercise. Dogs need some practice to rest while on a long drive properly, and it’s difficult for them to sit around in a car (especially with no chance of running) for hours.

Along your journey on the road, think about finding dog-friendly parks for your pup to get a break, stretch and release some energy.

And this may be an excellent chance to allow your pup to socialize and make friends.

RV Neighbors

Be considerate of your RV neighbors. Dog owners need to consider their surroundings and not allow pets on the exterior stairs or patios of other RVers.

If your dog has an accident outside, it can cause a big mess for other campers living nearby. Clean your dog accidents promptly!

It is an excellent way to make sure that you can bring Fido along with you next time.

Also, observe the campground’s noise and leash bylaws.

Weather Considerations

The weather is something that many people take for granted when they go on vacation – it’s easy to think that if you’re going on an RV trip, the weather can’t bother you. But one of the few things that can bring your outdoor adventures to a screeching halt quicker than anything else is bad weather.

Summer months: If you want your dog to have a cool place inside your RV, turn on the AC or hook up an air conditioning unit near his resting space.

Ensure your dog has plenty of shade and water, and they stay indoors with the air conditioning on. Companion carriers are also for taking dogs out without them getting overheated in the sun.

Thunderstorms: When RVing with your pup, be sure to check the forecast before you leave and plan for safe places where your dog can stay in the event of a thunderstorm. 

Winter: Winter presents specific considerations when it comes to selecting your RV dog crate. It would be best if you had a winter-proof crate.

When traveling on mountain roads, it is essential to make sure your dog stays secure and inside the crate.

 Dog owners need to think about all of these things before their next RV trip.

Best dog crates for RV tips:

  1. The best dog crates for an RV should be portable and spacious enough to hold your pet comfortably.
  2. They should also have a door that is easy to open and close but not too heavy or difficult for you to lift.
  3. Make sure the crate has ventilation so your pup can stay cool on hot days, and make sure it’s easy to clean as well.
  4. If you’re looking for something with a little more style, there are plenty of options out there made from wood or metal that will match your RV decor.
  5. Finally, if you often travel with your pets in tow, then look for one that folds down into a compact size when not in use.

Harvest Host has a great article on RVing with pets. Check it out for the best RV hacks to make your trip with your pet a fun and successful one.

What are some considerations when traveling with your pet in an RV?

There are also dog crates for RVs that make it possible to use the back of your camper for other purposes. These dog crates allow you and your dog to take advantage of sleeping space when camping in areas where there is no room indoors or if you’re traveling on a road trip.

Health Considerations: A crate can help keep a restless pup from jumping out while driving, but not all dogs love having their freedom revoked inside one. You might want to consider buying two, so they don’t feel claustrophobic or abandoned during an overnight stay at campgrounds – be sure these items will fit into the storage compartments before loading up!

– Dog Crates should provide ample ventilation and have dividers that you can remove.

– They should also be made of a sturdy material to prevent tipping over or breaking if the dog becomes agitated.

– Best dog crates for RVs are ones that can keep your pup comfortable, contained, and safe when driving long distances on tight roads with lots of turns and elevation changes.

Dog crates for RV: Our Recommendations

Collapsible Dog Crates

AmazonBasics Premium Folding Portable Soft Pet Dog Crate

We know that traveling can be stressful for humans and their furry friends.

AmazonBasics built this dog cage with a soft-sided carrier to make the feat as easy on your pet as possible.

The material is durable polyester and PVC, making it tough enough for even large dogs’ sharp teeth while still providing plenty of ventilation through the screen panels all around. Not only will you be able to enjoy traveling more with fewer worries about your pet, but there is also a free plush fleece-covered bed included with the crate, which discretely folds down if not being used (and then slides back into place when not in use.

This pet cave serves its purpose well, no matter where you find yourself traveling, whether it’s a trip to the vet or an extended vacation in your RV.

  • Folds down for easy storage.
  • Multiple windows for ventilation (and enjoying the scenery).
  • It helps reducing travel anxiety.
  • Top handle and shoulder strap for added security.

Pet Gear “The Other Door” 4 Door Steel Crate

Your pet can come and go as they please with this spacious steel cage! Perfect for quiet time inside the house, on a long trip in your RV, or anywhere you need to contain their active minds.

This crate has some neat features which make it stand out from other dog crates on the market.

For starters, there are a total of 4 doors that include the large side door that opens up and out of the way like a garage door – talk about easy access!

The one-step locking system is so simple even someone with absolutely no experience could set this thing up in less time than it takes to scoop your pets’ poop (no joke)!

With only 1-inch rounded corners, you won’t have any worry spots for sharp edges and can protect your furniture in your not-so-spacious RV.
The insulated base on this pet crate stands up well with cold weather so that you can protect your pet’s paws from frostbite or scorching hot pavement all year round. It comes in handy on the campsite.

This crate comes with built-in wheels, making it easy for you to roll it in and out of your RV.

  • Four door steel crate.
  • Easy set-up.
  • Insulated base.
  • Travel bag included.

Wired Dog Crates

Wired Dog crate

New World 36″ Folding Metal Dog Crate

Rv owners know that sometimes space is not something you have in abundance when traveling with your furry friend.

With the New World Folding Metal Dog Crate, this fold-down dog crate provides a perfectly natural and secure environment for them while they get used to their new surroundings.
It will not clutter up your other living spaces or take away valuable personal items such as a bed from your room when you’re on the road with your pup.

It features an easy-to-assemble design that reduces housebreaking time even more than providing plenty of ventilation and visibility (keeping an eye on where Rover might be going can mean fewer accidents makes less vacuuming!).

This folding metal dog crate has everything a traveling dog needs, from a protective, long-lasting black E-coat finish to rounded corners for safety and a convenient fold-down design for storage.

  • Fold-down metal crate.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Black E-coat finish.
  • Wire construction & secure latches.
  • Durable, easy-to-clean plastic pan.

MidWest iCrate 24″ Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

Are you going away on an RV trip? Let your pet enjoy the journey with you! The space they need is as important to them as it is for you.

Our top pick for the best dog crates for RV is the MidWest iCrate Double Door Dog Crates. We like this one so much because it’s made from sturdy steel and comes in several sizes to accommodate dogs of all breeds.

The MidWest iCrate 24” Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate is your dog’s home away from home. Its durable design creates a safe place for your pet and caters to their natural “den” instincts.

Heavy-duty slide lock latches firmly lock the door in place, keeping them secured inside without sacrificing portability.

This foldable metal dog crate includes a free divider panel, durable tray, and four roller feet to protect floors and aging joints on hard surfaces. Its convenient division panel allows the crate to expand as your dog grows through adulthood, so there are no worries about outgrowing it!
It folds flat so that it doesn’t take up any floor space! Which is a significant criterion in deciding on your next dog crate.

  • The #1 bestseller in dog crates.
  • Durable design.
  • Free divider panel.
  • Easy assembly and portable.
  • Folds down flat.

Dog Crate Like Furniture

Dog crate like furniture

Ecoflex Dog Crate End Table

Don’t take up valuable space in your RV with both a crate and an end table. The ECOFLEX Dog Crate End Table can efficiently serve two functions in your RV. Its first function is as an end table that beautifully rounds out the space between your seats, and the second function is as a place to keep your beloved canine tucked in.

The Ecoflex Crate End Table is handcrafted with reclaimed wood and sustainable & biodegradable plastic materials that are 100% non-toxic. Installation couldn’t be easier–no tools are required! And because each pet crate end table is hand-sanded before painting, they’re finished with a natural look.

This crate end table is an easy and inexpensive way to beef up your space-limited RV interior to provide enough dog-friendly storage for everything from food and water dishes to toys and other accessories.

  • Stainless steel latch and tubing.
  • No tools required for assembly.
  • Available in four colors.
  • Easy to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you stop a dog from barking in an RV?

You can stop your dog from barking when you’re away by putting it in the kennel and keeping the blinds down.

Investing in a canine RV crate is one way to make your pet feel more comfortable while traveling. They will not be distracted by things that are going on outside the camper because they will have their place inside to sleep.

Dogs are creatures of habit. To stop them from barking when you go to bed, stick with the same routine every night at home. Come into your bedroom and shut off the lights for fifteen minutes before going to sleep.

Keep treats in a bowl by your dog’s crate or food dish. Your dog will associate the quiet time in the den with being rewarded with delicious snacks!

How do you travel with a small dog in an RV?

Traveling with a small dog in an RV is much easier than you think:

1. Make sure to bring your dog’s favorite toys and treats.

2. Look for RV parks that have a designated area for dogs.

3. Bring along some extra blankets in case it gets cold at night.

4. Keep the windows open as much as possible to let fresh air in and keep the smell of a wet dog out.

5. Bring along pee pads, so you don’t have to stop every time your pup has to go potty! 

6. Buy a pet step so Fido can get up into the bed with you when he wants company!

Can you leave a dog in an RV?

It is never a good idea to leave your pet in your RV when you are not there. And it’s even more dangerous if you can’t trust the AC!

The most significant risk for dogs left inside their RV without supervision, however, would likely come from extreme heat and humidity during the day, which could lead to Heat Stroke.


Traveling with pets is not easy. The last thing you want to worry about when traveling in your RV is whether or not your dog will be comfortable and safe. There’s no such thing as “the best” dog crate; it all depends on your needs. The main key points to consider when vetting any new type of dog crate: size/dimensions, weight capacity, and ventilation.

We hope this article has helped you better understand how to prepare your RV to be a happy place for both you and your dog. With some careful planning, taking the family pet on an adventure doesn’t have to mean giving up the comforts of home or compromising safety. Hopefully, after reading through our list of tips and recommendations for the best dog crates for RVs, you’ll feel more confident about traveling by camper!

Happy adventures out there!

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