8 Best Elevated Dog Beds: Buying Guide and FAQs

Elevated dog beds

Are you looking for an elevated dog bed that will provide your furry friend with the comfort, support, and health benefits that she deserves? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll explore the 8 best elevated dog beds on the market, discuss their buying guide and FAQs, and help you make an informed decision. Elevated beds are a perfect choice for larger and smaller breeds of dogs, those with aged or joint problems, or those living in hot climates. Their raised design keeps them cool while taking away any worry of stuffing to chew. Plus they are easy to clean and transport! Keep reading to learn more about these excellent options for elevated dog beds.

When we talk about good rest, comfort, and help for joint problems, we always mention orthopedic beds with viscoelastic foam, but these are not the only beds that offer good rest and benefit to your dog. Good elevated or raised dog beds are like a dog crib, supporting the dog and keeping it off the ground. They are made of a taut fabric on a frame with four strong legs.

best elevated dog beds

Why Should You Get an Elevated Dog Bed?

Elevated dog beds meet other types of needs for dogs and their owners. Besides keeping the dog off the ground, and avoiding surfaces with complex textures or undesired temperatures, they also allow for excellent support and a good rest.

Cold Floors

If your home has cold tiles or concrete floors, this bed will help circulate the air under the bed. It will maintain a stable temperature for your dog so that it won’t get cold.

Warm houses

Raised beds keep the dog fresh. If your house is warm or there isn’t enough air current coming in, the mesh fabric of these beds allows the air to flow and keeps your dog cooler with a more pleasant temperature.


Elevated dog beds are solid and durable. Most of them are non-slip to prevent movement when the dog gets on or off and avoid scratching the floor surface.

Chew Proof

If you have a dog that loves to chew, an elevated dog bed works for you because the mesh and the raised surface are chew-proof.

The tighter it is, the more difficult it will be for the dogs to grasp it with their teeth. And even if it is not tight enough, it is still challenging to chew due to the overall design with an aluminum frame that completely encloses the fabric’s edges.

There is nowhere for your dog to chew and scratch!

Benefits of an Elevated Dog Bed

Floor No More 

Most elevated dog beds have a raised platform, covered with a tight netting or mesh fabric. Thanks to this design, the bed has no filling, and your dog won’t be lying on the floor anymore.

Joint Problems

Take a look at your pooch– does he struggle with getting in or out of the car? Does she have difficulty climbing stairs or jumping down from the couch? If your dog has joint problems, an elevated bed is a good choice for her.

Staying Cool

An elevated dog bed is often made of mesh fabric that allows air to flow in and out. This way, the mattress maintains a desirable temperature for your pooch.

One more benefit related to this point is that dogs love to lay on top of beds so they can see what’s going on around them. If there are several pets in the house, this can get a little bit messy. With an elevated bed, you can keep your dog happy while keeping your floor clean and avoiding other pets stepping into the mess on the floor that looks like white snow!

Perfect for Dogs That Love the Outdoors

If your dog loves spending time outside, this bed is perfect for them. They are better suited to weather conditions and outdoor adventures than regular dog beds.

Quite Budget-Friendly

Compared to other types of beds, elevated dog beds are usually budget-friendly and cost-effective. They don’t break the bank at all!


If you have an old, arthritic, or otherwise suffering dog that can barely get up and down by itself, an elevated dog bed will help it. A raised surface makes it easier for them to access the bed and get up from it when needed, reducing the chances of injury.

How to Buy the Right Elevated Dog Bed?

Now that you know all the benefits that elevated dog beds offer, you should consider which one you adapt to your dog’s characteristics such as size, age, physical condition, sleeping style, and personality, among other things.

When choosing the right bed for your dog, you should always consider the material, fabric quality, resistance, durability, size, etc.

The bed’s durability will depend mainly on the quality of its materials, its use, and whether it is indoors or outdoors.


The best thing is to get a quality fabric, which is tear-resistant and waterproof. This way, you can use it outdoors, and you can ensure that your dog will not break it so quickly.


The mesh should not be robust or very dense. The fabric must be breathable to fulfill the function of keeping the dog fresh and at a pleasant temperature.


You can get elevated dog bed frames made of steel or aluminum. Both provide the necessary support for big, heavy, and naughty dogs.

Besides being resistant, aluminum frames are light and easy to carry.


Before choosing the bed, we recommend measuring the dog from the tip of its nose to its tail to know the measurements the bed should have across its width.

It should also be tall enough to fulfill the benefits it offers but not complicated enough for the dog to get in or out of bed.


Probably the most important thing. You should make sure that the bed is lightweight, portable, and easy to carry.

As you can see, elevated dog beds have many positive features, making them a smart choice for your dog. They will give them the comfort of being high off the ground while at the same time providing support and relief from pressure.

They will also keep your dog cool during the hot summer months and warm and cozy during the cold winter months. Your dogs can even use them outside as long as they are water-resistant and durable.

Best Elevated Dog Beds



Kuranda elevated dog beds are equipped with aircraft-quality aluminum bars. This material makes its structure strong, and ideal for large breeds and robust dogs.

Also, this bed is chew-proof, high-strength, lightweight, and resistant to the most demanding dogs.

As of the time of writing this blog, there were three sizes available: Medium (35 by 23), Large (40×25), and elevated dog bed xl (44 by 27). A 1-year warranty is available on all Kuranda steel-framed elevated dog beds.

Although it doesn’t come with a pad, they have a wide choice of fabric colors that matches any décor.


  • They are very resistant to naughty dogs.
  • Chew resistant.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Keep the dog dry and comfortable.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Will not rust


  • They are a bit expensive.
  • Some dogs are still too big for this type of bed.
  • It can sink under the weight of big dogs.
  • In some cases, it may not be easy to assemble them.



The fabric of the Coolaroo elevated pet bed has high-density polyethylene that helps eliminate hot spots. It’s breathable, free of lead and phthalates, and 100% recyclable! And is Greenguard certified. It’s available in 5 different designer colors.

The frame is lightweight, extremely durable, and powder-coated steel. It is a UV, treated product. Therefore, you do not need to worry about fading, which will occur eventually with time in other beds.

If your dog is not comfortable with the mesh for any reason, you can throw a light fleece blanket on top of the bed.

Also, the fabric comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • The fabric is resistant to fleas, mites, mold, and fungi.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Flexibility reduces stress on the joints.
  • Different sizes and colors.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Naughty dogs can scratch the mesh and even make holes in it.
  • At the time of publishing, there was only a Medium size available.
  • Screws tend to rust with washings.
  • It is slippery on wet surfaces.



It is made from super-soft microfleece filled with soft, fluffy polyester fill, and has a high-density waterproof fabric and non-slip rubber feet that help protect floor surfaces.

It helps your dog feel fresh thanks to its breathable mesh center that also repels moisture, mold, bacteria, and foul odors.

This dog bed measures 30 X 42 X 7 inches, which was the only size available when we checked. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Although it is not foldable, you can assemble and disassemble it without the need for tools.

This bed is great for camping, hiking, or picnics.


  • The fabric is extremely breathable.
  • It is an excellent outdoor bed.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Support 90kg.
  • Removable and washable cover.


  • They are not easy to dismantle.
  • Some dog owners indicate that the fabric is not resistant to large dogs.
  • The design with the holes in the corners could make your dog get stuck.
  • Not recommended for nibbling or destructive puppies.


Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed

If you have a significant and heavy dog, you can feel safe with this bed because it comprises a powder-coated steel tube and non-slip rubber feet. Robust stability and high capacity

These types of beds are suitable for adult dogs. It allows more outstanding ventilation thanks to its mesh fabric; breathable Textilene has UV stabilization, is waterproof, and has heat resistance.

It is durable and resistant to pests and bacteria. It does not scratch easily. So if your dog is a little naughty, you won’t have to worry about this bed!

This bed is ranked #10 in dog beds on Amazon.


  • Easy to wash.
  • No tools are needed to assemble it.
  • Supports a maximum weight of 68 kg.
  • You can get this bed in all sizes.


  • In some cases, it requires a lot of strength to mount this bed.
  • It may not be large enough for some dogs.
  • Customer support is not great.



This is a foldable bed that lifts dogs 7 inches off the ground, so you would have no problem with its assembly, which makes it ideal for taking on vacation, camping, traveling, or days in the park.

The well-constructed frame helps keep the bed stable and safely elevated. Like the previous ones, it also has a breathable mesh; it is resistant, moisture-proof, non-slip, and anti-tear.

It is easy for dogs to climb on it or get off it, plus it doesn’t bend.


  • It is easy to fold and unfold.
  • Light and portable.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Not big enough for some dog breeds.
  • Slip a bit on some surfaces.
  • A little on the expensive side



This raised dog bed has a relatively simple design but fulfills all the necessary functions. It is light, fresh, made of PCV mesh, and breathable.

Its design lifts your dog more than 7 inches off the ground. It is made of durable and resistant iron with curved corners.

You can place this type of elevated bed inside or outside the house, and thanks to its lightweight design is a practical option for when you need to travel.


  • Comes in a variety of sizes.
  • It is light.
  • Cleans easily with tap water.


  • The setup for some people was confusing.
  • Legs can be slippery on some surfaces.
  • If the dog scratches it, it will tear.

7. K&H Pet Cot Elevated Dog Bed


This elevated pet bed offers pets a place to lay that is raised and above the ground or floor of where they live. Raising your pet off the ground may assist in making them more comfortable during the warm spring and summer months. 

Pets and people like a cooler environment can be achieved with a K&H elevated dog bed. This bed also has a breathable mesh center which will help to keep pets cool in warm weather.

The elevated dog cot is great for both indoor and outdoor use. This is because it has rubber feet that protect any indoor flooring from being scratched up. 

The water-resistant mesh center will repel any moisture or odor that could render your furniture unusable if they were on K&H elevated pet cot very easy to maintain and keep clean. 

The removable cover allows the bed to be machine washed which helps eliminate any odor that could take over the house if it was left unkept. Elevated pet cots are easy to set up and break down.


  • This pet bed is convenient because it can be moved around easily and are pet-friendly. 
  • This bed can Keep your pet away from the cold in winter due to not laying on the floor.


  • Some people don’t like elevated beds because they could leak if one were to jump on them.

8. PetFusion Ultimate Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed


If you are looking for an elevated bed that will provide added comfort and safety for your pet, the PetFusion ultimate outdoor dog bed may be a good option. 

This product is made of 100% polyester fabric which is much more comfortable than plastic-coated or meshed bed options available today. 

It features a wide front stance to provide stability when pets are getting on or off the bed and has a durable steel frame safe for pets. The waterproof protective cover included in this purchase will safeguard your investment and keep it dry when not in use. 


  • It is made out of 100% polyester fabric
  • It has a wide stance for stability
  • The powder-coated steel frame and premium hardware provide safety and security, which would also be good for pets. 


  • Your pet might get stuck on the top of the bed

How to teach your dog to use an Elevated Bed?

Elevated dog beds are often the perfect solution to keep your dog off of your furniture and carpets. If you have a hard time getting your dog to use their bed when there’s one available, these tips might help.

  • Establish the elevated bed as the “place” for sleeping by placing a blanket, sheet, or mattress in the bed and letting them rest on it for short periods until they get used to the idea. You’ll want to gradually move the duration up until they spend all of their time in it.
  • Make sure that the elevation isn’t too high that they can’t climb up onto it easily–if they’re too small, try using ramps or stairs.
  • Put food and water bowls in the elevated bed – Only put the tray or plate with food on top of the entry. It would be more convenient for you if your dog used his bed. However, sometimes they use the floor when there is a bed available.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Best Elevated Dog Beds

How big should my dog’s bed be?

When calculating the size of your pup’s bed, start by measuring them from nose to tail, as well as shoulder-to-shoulder at their widest point. This will give you the minimum width that your pup’s bed should be. To give your beloved pet some extra room to spread out, add 6 to 12 inches to this total measurement.

How often should you change your dog’s bed?

When it comes to changing your dog’s bed, there are many things to consider such as the age and breed of your pup, what material the bed is made of, and how often it is used. Observing signs of deterioration like fraying fabric or flattened foam can also indicate that a new bed should be considered. Taking note of your pet’s sleeping habits will help you determine if their current bed is suitable for them. As a guideline, replacing the bed once a year might suffice.

Final Words

We hope this information will help you find the ideal bed for your dog!

Whether your dog has particular needs or not, it can enjoy the benefits that elevated dog beds offer, as well as rest without worrying about hard floors or uncomfortable climates.

Take your time to choose the bed that best fits its characteristics, to provide your dog with all the comfort and support it needs and remember to select the ideal place so that your dog’s rest is not interrupted and it always wakes up happy and full of energy!

In the comments section below, let us know if you ever used an elevated or raised bed and what you think of them.

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