Best Grooming Tools For Shih Tzu: The Essential Home Kit

Grooming tools for Shih Tzu

The Best Grooming tools for Shih Tzu is a comprehensive guide that will provide you with all the necessary information to keep your pet well-groomed at home. Grooming your Shih Tzu can be a fun and rewarding experience, and it’s also a great way to bond with your pet. In this article, we will discuss the essential items that you need in your home grooming kit. We’ll also provide some tips on grooming your Shih Tzu properly.

I highly discourage you from purchasing low-cost items since they will be of lower quality and are frequently poorly made, potentially injuring your Shih Tzu. Cheap products tend to break or wear down rapidly, necessitating frequent replacement. They will cost you more in the long run. In most cases, the best professional quality, well-known brand equipment you can afford is ideal. It will be more comfortable for you and your dog, durable, and last for years rather than weeks or months.

Another important note for dog owners is; don’t use human grooming products on your Shih Tzu. They are not made for dogs and can be harmful to their coat and skin.

For example, the blade sizes on human hair clippers are not suitable for a Shih Tzu’s long hair. Also, pin spacing and lengths can vary depending on the breed of the dog. You should always use grooming products specifically designed to cut small breeds like a Shih Tzu breed!

Shih Tzu sleeping on the floor
My little lion dog is chilling on the floor.

Shih Tzu Hair

The most distinctive feature of the Shih Tzus is their stunning long hair, which has a double coat. The top coat, which may become quite lengthy, is smooth and silky, while the undercoat is fluffy and delicate. Despite all that hair, Shih Tzus shed less than other dog breeds and just when washed or brushed.

How often you’ll need to brush your Shih Tzu coat will also depend on the length of its hair. If you keep your Shih Tzu’s hair short, you won’t need to brush it as often. If you let your Shih Tzu’s hair grow long, you’ll need to brush it daily to prevent tangles and mats.

Shih Tzu puppies’ hair

When Shih Tzu puppies change their coats, around the time they turn one, they start shedding like crazy. When this happens to your Shih Tzu, you’ll need to give it a thorough brushing at least once a day; this phase is relatively short. It lasts about three weeks. After that, you can reduce the brushing to every other day or even three times a week.

Shih Tzu’s matted hair

Matted hair is a severe form of tangle that can affect your dog’s coat. It may range from mild to severe. The easiest method to keep your Shih Tzu’s coat free of mats and tangles is to comb or brush it daily, starting at the skin’s undercoat and moving outward.

It’s also critical to have the appropriate tool. Pin brushes and special de-matting combs are required components for your Shih Tzu grooming tools kit.

Inspecting your Shih Tzu for Mats

The best way to inspect your Shih Tzu for knots is to part the hair in several sections and then use your fingers to feel for any tangles.

If you can’t remove the mats yourself, take your Shih Tzu to a professional groomer. They have the experience and tools to safely remove mats without harming your dog.

Always use gentle, slow strokes when grooming your Shih Tzu at home. Never brush or comb too hard because it can damage your dog’s coat. Be especially careful around the areas where the coat is thin, such as the belly, groin, and legs. These areas are more prone to injury.

Prevent mats on your Shih Tzu

The best way to prevent mats is to brush your Shih Tzu’s coat every day, starting at the undercoat and moving outward. Use a de-matting comb or pin brush to remove any tangles you find. Try not to pull on the mat too hard because it can hurt your dog.

Another way to prevent mats is to keep your Shih Tzu’s hair short. This will make it easier to brush and less likely to tangle.

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It’s also important to brush your Shih Tzu right after the shower when the hair is still wet. This will help prevent mats from forming in the first place.

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Best grooming tools for Shih Tzu

Here’s our recommended list of Shih Tzu grooming tools to get you started at home:

Best Brush for Shih Tzu

A good brush is vital for removing mats and tangles and distributing oils to the hair follicles throughout the dog’s coat. Slicker brushes primarily work to smooth out tangles and knots, but they can also help to remove any loose fur from the undercoat.

Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush – Double-Sided Shedding and Dematting Undercoat Rake Comb for Dogs

With Maxpower Planet Undercoat Rake, grooming your pet at home has never been easier! A great solution to any Shih Tzu hair problem, including shedding, tangles, and matted fur. You’ll be astonished at how much hair comes off after just one use! Consider how thrilled your dog will be with the new healthy and glossy coat after using this slicker brush!


  • The unique grooming tool includes a dual-head design ideal for removing mats, tangles, and knots while thinning and de-shedding loose hair.
  • Will not pull the hair out – The blades are somewhat sharpened and cut through the toughest mats without snagging.
  • Removes dead hair from your pet’s undercoat, leaving you a clean and hair-free house.
  • It is entirely safe for small dogs with long fur. Rounded ends do not scratch or irritate the skin.

How to get the best grooming results:

Step 1: Start with the side with the fewest teeth and work your way up to the most difficult mats and tangles. Brush the area with light and short strokes. When cutting the mats and tangles, move the brush smoothly and gently.

Step 2: Remove loose fur with 17 teeth (Deshedding Side). Then you may use the tool’s de-shedding ability to de-shed the other side. To remove the extra, loose hair from the undercoat, de-shed the entire body.

Step 3: Rinse the brush and admire the stunning results. Thanks to the soft yet anti-slip rubber handle, the grooming is quick and pleasant. Clean the brush when done.

Pin Brush by Hertzko – For Dogs and Cats with Long or Short Hair – Great for Detangling and Removing Loose Undercoat or Shed Fur

Shih Tzu grooming tools

Make grooming your pet a pleasurable and comfortable Experience- Our Pin Brush gently removes loose hair and eliminates tangles, dander, and trapped dirt. You’ll see less hair around your home after the first use, and your pet’s hair will be much softer and smooth!

The pin brush from Hertzko is ideal for all dogs and cats, regardless of size or breed.


  • The pins are manufactured with rounded ends so they won’t damage or scratch your Shih Tzu’s sensitive skin.
  • The brush strokes and massages for a beautiful coat increase blood circulation throughout the body and make your pet’s coat soft and glossy.
  • Comfort and durability- The pin brush is made with an anti-slip grip and a comfortable handle that prevents strain on your hand or wrist even when brushing your dog for long periods!

A word on bristle brushes: Bristle brushes are used on dogs with short hair who shed a lot. Their clusters of tightly-packed natural bristles will pick up loose hair and provide stimulation to the dog’s sensitive skin. A bristle brush works well on breeds like Shih Tzu, Pugs, Italian Greyhounds, Jack Russell Terriers, and Boston Terriers.

Dog Combs

Use a comb to finish brushing through the coat and remove any remaining knots or tangles.

Premium Dog Comb removes tangles and knots. Shih Tzu puppy comb for removing matted fur.

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You can be a professional dog groomer! This steel comb for dogs is the top selection among pet parents when it comes to doing it yourself. This high-end dog and cat de-matting tool makes pet grooming more efficient and easy! Knots and mats will no longer cause you headaches when removing loose dog hair.

This comb is also an excellent gift for any pet lover!

The premium dog comb is ideal for Goldendoodle puppies, pomeranian dogs, and Maltese dogs with tangled hair. It’s an excellent choice for people who groom German shepherds, Shih Tzus, greyhounds, and other popular dog breeds.

The best dog grooming tool for long-haired Shih Tzu with rounded and smooth ends, stainless steel teeth, and an anti-slip comfort grip handle.


  • Detangling: The double-purpose comb’s wide and narrow fixed teeth are designed explicitly for detangling! – The sparse comb teeth can loosen the tangled hair, while you may use the sparse comb teeth to brush large regions of fluffy hair.
  • Develops excellent overall pet health! The anti-scratch teeth the dog comb naturally supports your furry friend’s health by increasing circulation, thanks to its therapeutic massage.
  • Grooming is a breeze with tapered stainless steel pins and spaced rounded teeth. As a result, loose hair, dander, and dirt trapped beneath the fur are effectively removed without causing any skin damage. There are no sharp edges or painful scraping involved.

FURminator Grooming Rake

Furminator Grooming rake

The FURminator grooming rake features rotating teeth that remove loose hair and tangles to prevent mats. The grooming rake is ideal for dogs and cats with thicker fur since it gives you convenient daily solutions for coat maintenance. Find complete control With the ergonomic non-slip handle.

Professional groomers and veterinarians use the FURminator deShedding Tool to remove loose hair from dogs’ undercoats.


  • Removes loose hair from the undercoat.
  • Helps prevent tangles and mats in dense fur.
  • Best for thick fur.

Shi Tzu Shampoo

Choose a dog-friendly shampoo to ensure optimal results.

Healthy Breeds Bright Whitening Dog Shampoo for Shih Tzu – For White, Lighter Fur 

Healthy Breeds Bright Whitening Shampoo is a tearless, protein-enriched shampoo that leaves brilliant white coats and a gleaming sheen on light-colored coats. It has a natural colloidal oatmeal conditioner that leaves your Shih Tzu’s hair smooth, manageable, and shiny.

The Bright Whitening Shampoo is a gentle yet effective shampoo that cleans thoroughly and adds luster and body to the coat without harsh bleaching. It prevents matting, tangling, and fly-away hair. Its thick lather washes away quickly, leaving your dog’s coat smelling wonderful.


  • This shampoo is suitable for dogs with white or light-colored coats! It restores the luster to their coat that they had as a puppy!
  • Dermatologist-formulated to clean and shine your dog’s coat while maintaining its natural oils.
  • It aids in preventing matting and tangling by cleaning the hair thoroughly!
  • High-quality, pH-balanced whitening shampoo moisturizes, nourishes, and helps restore damaged hair and skin!

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Espree Silky Show Shampoo, 20 oz (591 ml)

The Espree Natural Silky Show Dog Shampoo is a creamy shampoo that includes water-soluble silk protein to quickly permeate the coat and skin. It moisturizes dry, brittle coats and improves their texture, gloss, and manageability by moisturizing them.

Espree Natural Silky Show Dog and Cat Shampoo will make your Shih Tzu appear like a show ring champion, or at the very least give him an illusion of one. The scent is light and relaxing.


  • It lathers well and washes away easily.
  • Conditions and softens dog’s hair.
  • Silk protein promotes a healthy coat.

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The Blissful Dog DQ-SHIHTZU-16OZ Shih Tzu Drama Queen Dog Shampoo

Shih Tzu Drama Queen Dog Shampoo cleanses and moisturizes the coat, removing any residue and clarifying and nourishing it. Your Shih Tzu coat will be clean and ready for trimming at your convenience.

Plus, the subtle aroma of jasmine, fresh apple, and vanilla will enhance your Shih Tzu’s experience without overpowering its sense of smell.


  • Moisturizes and cleanses the coat of any residue.
  • Argan oil, Jojoba oil, and keratin add an extra level of nurturing to your Shih Tzu’s hair.
  •  Revive the appearance of each hair and repair existing damages.

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Shi Tzu Conditioner

A conditioner will help keep the coat healthy and shiny while taming frizzes and flyaways.

Everyday Isle of Dogs Silky Coating Dog Conditioner, Jasmine & Vanilla

The deep-penetrating formula in the Silky Coating conditioner is a moisturizing and protecting conditioner that offers coat-strengthening benefits and a glossy finish.

It will assist with laying the coat down flat on short and long-coated Shih Tzus and help remove dead coats to minimize shedding after a bath.


  • Provides a noticeable softness.
  • Long-lasting fragrance.
  • It adds shine and reduces dryness.

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Burt’s Bees for Dogs All-Natural Hydrating Conditioner with Coconut Oil | Best Dog Conditioner for Dry Skin

Burt’s Bees Care Plus dog shampoos, conditioners, and fragrances are designed to keep your pup smelling great while helping you groom your dog with gentle, natural ingredients.

It’s formulated with Coconut Oil to naturally hydrate your dog’s dry coat while leaving it silky smooth.

Burt’s Bees products are free of animal testing, colorants, sulfates, and added scents. This veterinarian-approved formula is pH-balanced.

Leave on for up to 5 minutes before rinsing entirely for optimum effect.


  • For all dogs, this mild conditioner is ideal for Shih Tzus with dry skin and other breeds with similar problems.
  • Moisturizes and hydrates as it gently conditions the coat.
  • Vets highly recommend the pH-balanced formula.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Regular brushing helps keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy.

Arm & Hammer Dental Kit with Toothbrush, Cover, and Toothpaste in Banana Mint Flavor

For over 100 years, the Arm & Hammer name has been trusted for gentle yet efficient cleaning. Arm & Hammer Pets delivers the same cleaning techniques to our beloved pets, making it simple for pet parents to provide dental health treatments that work. Use the brand you know and trust to clean your dog’s teeth.

Arm & Hammer advanced care toothpaste is one of the most effective ways to clean your Shih Tzu’s teeth. It contains baking soda, which dissolves deep in the microscopic cracks on the tooth’s surface for maximum strength cleaning. It’s made to remove and prevent plaque buildup.

Baking soda cleans and deodorizes while enzymes combat tartar. The advanced care toothpaste whitens teeth, prevents tartar build-up, and eliminates foul dog breath, keeping your dog’s teeth healthy. This bundle includes a dog toothbrush to help you reach all of those hard-to-reach places so that your pup’s teeth stay clean.


  • Remove foul dog breath.
  • Ensure that your dog has optimal dental health.
  • Formulated with natural components for maximum breath freshness.

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About dogs’ teeth cleaning:
Canine Periodontal Disease can lead to life-threatening health issues such as heart, liver, and kidney damage in up to 80% of dogs.
Dental Disease is one of the most avoidable diseases in dogs and cats.
Plaque develops in hours after brushing your pet’s teeth, and it may turn into tartar in as little as three days.

Vet’s Best Dog Toothbrush and Enzymatic Toothpaste Set with Dental Care Guide| Vet Formulated

Vet’s Best dental care kit is the finest dental care for your dog. This toothpaste is made with enzymes, neem oil, grapefruit seed extract, baking soda, and Aloe to clean plaque and tartar away while preserving fresh breath.

The triple-headed toothbrush that comes with it has three bristle heads that wrap around each tooth and clean effectively from all angles. For over 30 years, Vet’s Best has combined natural components to soothe and heal your pet.


  • Control plaque and tartar.
  • Whitens teeth and freshens breath.
  • Veterinarians formulated with selected natural ingredients.

Nail clippers and file

Trim your dog’s nails regularly to avoid becoming too long and uncomfortable.

BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer with Safety Guard and Free Nail File

The Boshel pet nail clipper is an ergonomically-designed and easy-to-use pet grooming instrument that animal trainers, veterinarians, professional pet groomers, and thousands of delighted pet parents praise as the finest dog nail trimmers on Amazon.

The finest thing about this nail clipper for dogs is its thick stainless steel sharp blades. It can trim your Shih Tzu’s nails with just one cut and will stay sharp for years to come, allowing you to get stress-free, smooth, quick, and clean cuts.


  • It is fitted with a safety stop to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Sharp blades give a crisp and clean clip every time.
  • It comes with a file.

LuckyTail Dog Nail Grinder Trimmer – Professional Quiet 2-Speed Rechargeable Electric Pet Grooming Kit

The LuckyTail pet nail grinder is the most powerful and safest tool for grinding your dog’s nails. It has two speeds (low speed for short nails and high speed for long nails).

It comes with an adjustable safety guard that makes it safe to use on all types of dogs, even those Shih Tzus who are skittish about having their paws handled. The ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand, and the unit itself is lightweight, so you can grind away without getting tired


  • No significant level of buzzing or vibration that your pet can feel.
  • The grinder is quiet at both speeds to protect your pet from fear and anxiety.
  • Wireless; you can charge it with a USB cable.
Luckytail dog nail grinder

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Shih Tzu grooming kit

A Shih Tzu grooming kit is a necessary tool for any Shih Tzu owner. It is essential to have the right tools to make the experience less stressful.

Dog Clippers Professional Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Clipper 3-Speed Low Noise High Power

dog clippers2

This dog grooming clipper uses a new type of 33-teeth titanium-ceramic blade, with a ceramic movable blade that is curved and wavy, allowing for simple trimming of your Shih Tzu’s double-thick coat.

Typically, a sound and a vibration produced by pet clippers distress and irritate a Shih Tzu dog. Our pet grooming tools, on the other hand, only produce about 50 decibels of noise when they’re operational to aid the animal to relax. You don’t have to be concerned about frightening or injuring them.

The cutting is smoother, heat dissipation is more uniform, and the durability is more significant when compared to a 24-tooth cutter head.


  • Low noise and vibration to help your Shih Tzu be at ease.
  • Heavy-duty gear for a proper powerful cut.
  • Adjustable clipping combs for clipping the hair of different lengths.

Dog clippers

Dog Grooming Scissors Kit, CIICII 7 Inch Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Set for DIY Home Salon

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The CICII dog grooming scissors kit is composed of high-quality 440C titanium coated stainless steel with a hardness of 58 HRC, making it durable, sharp, and pleasant to use.

The offset grip makes the tool more ergonomic and less fatiguing. 33 Teeth thinning scissors have a pointy design – sharp, and no hair is caught between the blades. The high rebound muffler dampens the scissor’s metallic clink and friction, making them less frightening for your Shih Tzu. Adjust the tightness of the scissors according to your personal feeling.


  • Multipurpose Pet Grooming Scissors.
  • Ergonomic; reduces fatigue.
  • Suitable for trimming, grooming, cutting, and thinning the face, and body hair.

How can I groom my Shih Tzu puppy at home?

A dog grooming routine improves the health and hygiene of your pet and provides an excellent opportunity for a comprehensive routine checkup. Furthermore, grooming time is critical in developing a solid connection between new dog owners and their pets.

1. Regular brushing is key to keeping your Shih Tzu’s coat healthy and free of mats

2. Use a comb to detangle knots and avoid using scissors unless necessary

3. Trim your dog’s nails regularly to keep them from growing too long

4. Invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner made specifically for dogs

5. Gently clean your dog’s ears with a cotton ball and mild soap solution

6. Brush their teeth at least once a week using pet-safe toothpaste

Your Shih Tzu will look better, smell fresher, and have a healthier coat by sticking with a regular home grooming of quick daily brushing, weekly de-shedding, and monthly bathing.


Can I use human clippers on my Shih Tzu?

Yes, you may use human clippers on a Shih Tzu. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, human clippers are not as powerful as professional dog clippers. This means that it will take longer to get the job done. Second, human clippers are not designed for use on thick coats. As a result, they may snag and pull the hair, causing discomfort for your dog. For these reasons, it’s best to use professional dog clippers if you’re planning on giving your Shih Tzu a trim at home.

How do groomers keep dogs still?

Dogs generally do not like to be groomed. Being brushed, shampooed, and trimmed can be stressful for them. As a result, dog groomers have to be very skilled at keeping dogs still. One of the most important tricks is to build trust with the dog. Your dog groomer takes things slowly at first, letting the dog get used to being handled.

Once the dog is comfortable, the groomer can start working on specific tasks. Another easy trick is to use positive reinforcement. Dogs respond well to treats and praise, so offering them a treat during the grooming process can help to keep them calm and focused. 


When it comes to owning a Shih Tzu, there are a lot of responsibilities that go with it. One of those is making sure your dog always looks its best. This means being active with home grooming, at least to some extent. Grooming your dog will help keep its coat healthy and free of tangles and mats and help reduce shedding. If you’re taking your Shih Tzu to the groomer every six to eight weeks for a haircut, you will still need to be maintaining its appearance at home.

Investing in the best grooming tools for your Shih Tzu will help make at-home grooming a breeze and ensure your dog always looks its best.

We hope this blog helps you create a home grooming kit that will make your life easier.

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